"FARCE/FILM" was born to Colin George and Sonic Kim during the hot summer of 2009. What began as little more than an excuse to buy and see movies every week has become ballast for Colin’s excruciating jobless existence, writing film reviews and hosting the podcast with a revolving circle of co-hosts.

Though Sonic has gone on to become quite famous, he still keeps FARCE/FILM in his heart/film, and is collaborating with Colin on an upcoming short horror film, “AWAKE.”

Colin George - @colinrgeorge
Captain and Host
Colin graduated from film school into a world shockingly devoid of film-related jobs. He makes the best of this curious anomaly by lending his expertise to the internet. God help this poor, misguided fool.
FAVORITE FILMS: Election, Koyaanisqatsi, Alien, The Bank Dick, Even Dwarfs Started Small, Brazil

Brian Crawford
Local Favorite
The Kremlin with gremlins named Melvin/ Who all want to be local fave/ Were sent to the grave/ For they misbehaved/ And I was given the title.
FAVORITE FILMS: Mirror, The Devil Probably, City Lights, Fanny and Alexander, Short Cuts

Kevin Mauer
Studio Manager of the Wealth Channel
Kevin is a guy. He likes reading, writing, and reading about writing, but he HATES writing about reading. He also likes movies and is quite prone to watching films.
FAVORITE FILMS: Lawrence of Arabia, The Hustler, Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Before Sunrise

Jonathan Mauer
Adventurer Extraordinaire/Explordinaire
After spending six months hiking the Appalachian Trail, normal life is dull by comparison. Jonathan wards of the dulldrums as a cash register jockey for the populous chain REI, working the third shift at QVC, and watching TV shows (that may or may not be Law and Order) while probably drinking excessive amounts of alcohol (with or without Suman). Sometimes he writes and takes pictures.
FAVORITE FILMS: Independence Day, The Graduate, Evil Dead, Jurassic Park, Teeth

Suman Allakki
Suman has inhabited six countries, is not a citizen of the US, but IS a licensed pilot. Suman can be found watching bad movies on Xbox (via Sonic's Netflix account), running marathons, drinking excessive amounts of water, and avoiding the law. Currently moving back to glorious Princeton, NJ.
FAVORITE FILMS: The Star Wars series, James Bond series, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Top Gun

Sonic Kim
Co-host (when applicable)
A pseudo student in Drexel University's Film and Video program, Francisco Sonic (yes, that's his real middle name) Kim is currently taking a hiatus from film school to, well, make films. Sometimes he says funny things.
FAVORITE FILMS: Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Fargo, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Aladdin

Tyler Drown
Friend of the Show
Tyler Drown was born some time ago and learned to be cool through hard work and perseverance. One day he realized some films are more enjoyable and better made than others. In 2009 he was granted a degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship and a minor in World History & Politics. Fresh from Amman, Jordan, Tyler is now making a life for himself in New York City.
FAVORITE FILMS: Barcelona, Blade Runner, Ferris Buller's Day Off, Fitzcarraldo, La Terra Trema, The Third Man

Brian Johanson
Big Apple Corespondent
Some call him haggard. Others, a demon in the sack. To some he is known as the guy watching them sleep as he mutters to himself. But most people just call him Brian.
FAVORITE FILMS: The Royal Tenenbaums, Idiocracy, Being John Malkovich, Land of the Lost

Maggie Ruder
nth Timer
Maggie does a wicked good impression of a filmmaker. Currently she works as the Design Director of the Philadelphia Film Society/Festival, as well as doing graphic, environmental and production design for various organizations in and around Philadelphia. She enjoys free paper samples, reading in the hammock and long walks in third world countries. Maggie will be in the Philippines for the next year working for the art department of a feature film.
FAVORITE FILMS: Saved, The Good The Bad The Weird, Tales of the Golden Age, Leolo

Micah Haun
Master of Sound
When he isn't making sweet animations or foul comments about Apple products, Micah is commander of the Almighty Firepod, keeping voices from peaking, volume from rising, and our love of films from getting just a little bit TOO loud.
FAVORITE FILMS: Mystery Men, Fargo, Jurassic Park, Black Cat White Cat